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Building a custom home, a townhome, remodeling an existing home, or adding new space to an existing home is not only one of the most important financial and personal decisions you will make in life, it should also be one of your most enjoyable experiences. There’s something unique about the way a builder combines all the familiar components and creates something more than just a house. That is why choosing the right builder is the most important step.


We, at Florey Homes, strive to make the ordinary into something extraordinary…the home of your dreams. Blending contemporary lifestyle plans with traditional quality craftsmanship, we offer our customers exquisite custom-built homes. What we at Florey Homes offer you is home building at its finest.

Our professional team believes that building a home means building a lifestyle. We are committed to exceeding all expectations and establishing lifetime relationships. We embrace the responsibility of turning your dreams into reality.

We share a common goal with every homeowner; to build a home, townhome, or renovation offering value and personal satisfaction through an experience which enriches the lives of everyone involved.

To fulfill our mission, we must attain the following primary objectives:

  • Ensure that our homes are aesthetically pleasing inside and out, energy efficient, and durable for generations to come.

  • Do our best to provide superior customer service at all times and in all ways.

  • Respond promptly to our customers needs and fulfill all of our responsibilities in a timely manner.

  • Maintain our reputation for professionalism, honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.

  • Develop, implement, and maintain excellent proactive construction management.

  • Maintain an exceptional, uncompromising, and measurable level of quality that can and will routinely be evaluated.

  • Incorporate the latest and finest construction techniques and highest quality products into each and every project.

  • Employ only the best craftsmen, trade contractors, and support professionals.

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