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We are in touch with you at every stage. When design and build processes are aligned, time and work efficiencies are naturally built into the project. Whether it’s our office manager, our foreman, or a project craftsman, everyone on your project will be working toward the same goal: creating a comfortable, functional, and beautiful home. And we’ll always ask lots of questions-and listen to your answers. Here’s how it works.

Initial consultation: We meet with you to discuss your vision for your new home. We gather information about your specific goals and dreams. This allows us to incorporate them into the layout and design.

Probable Projected Cost: Based on the initial information, we establish a probable projected cost for your project. We also determine the design fee. If the client decides to build with us the entire design fee will be credited back to the project. This offers the client a savings right from the start.

Site Visit: We visit the potential site to assess and analyze the properties and contours of the land.

Design Phase: Develop schematic designs including site plan, grading plan, floor plans, and elevations.

Design Presentation: We present you with designs and meet as many times as it takes to make changes and modifications until you are completely satisfied.

Final Budget: Based on your feedback and design preferences, we establish and present a final budget.


Home Construction Documents: On your authorization, we prepare a bank finance package including final drawings, specifications, contracts, and fixed price budget.

Construction Begins: We procure all necessary approvals and permits for construction and begin building your home.

Contact us today to learn more about our home construction services and let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!

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